Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sisters' nite 21/3/2009

Thanks God for the amazing Sister's night.
It's such a pleasure for us (guys) to serve all the ladies in that night.

Preparing for the decoration with romantic lighting effect.

three chefs for that night... bro Wei Fa(last photo), Andrew and Dah lit

Wahhhh..... delicious~~ chicken and pork chop( think so.... if I'm not confuse)

-----Praise and worship section----

--- The Surprised began---

------Group Photo ( only for girls) --------

~dessert time~
*story time-> every1 will have stress BUT remember that after the STRESSED is the DESSERTS (mirror of STRESSED). So, if anyone have stress such as busy v study, working etc..., just remember that after the taught period, u will have a sweet and memorable "desserts" time. Yummy~~~


hmm... i still woundering what show inside the laptop....
three of them(including grace) keep "staring" at the laptop

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