Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Best Ever Christmas's Gift 2009

Hi everybody, it's Chris here, greeting from Moncton, New Brunwick. How are you all there? I miss you all so so much.

I would like to share with you about my story. I think everybody know that I am now study as a pilot under AirAsia sponsorship. The sponsorship I have apply for so many years and finally I got it and waiting to realise my dream, as a REAL pilot.

10th Nov 2009, I received an email to go for AirAsia Cadet Pilot selection process. I was surprised as I wasn't apply for it this year. I decided not to go for it as I failed two times before, one for AirAsia, one for MAS. But when I told my friends about this, they all ask me to go for it. Finally, I went for the selection process. I didn't prepared anything as it was during my exam week. I just study my subjects for my exam, then I go for the selection process, it was a writing test. After the test, I prayed to God, asked Him to let me pass the stage, even I didn't prepare for the test.

The God is amazing, He listened to my prayer and make me passed the test. Then I come to stage 2. The day I come to briefing for stage 2, I was shocked as I know the second stage will carry out by British people. I was so nervous but I prayed to GOD: if you want me to pass it, just let me to pass it. Once again, our almighty God make me strong and let me passed the 2nd stage. Now come to final interview, it was on 23rd Dec 2009. Everything went smoothly and they ask us to wait result at home, probably come out at 24th Dec 2009. That night, I was so nervous, once again, I prayed God to make me pass the interview. I can't sleep that night, keep on praying to God for let me pass it.

24th Dec 2010. I waited for the most important email that will change my life. My heart was thumping fast for whole day. From morning till noon, from noon till afternoon, from afternoon till evening, from evening till night, I had open my email for few thousands times, but I cant find any email from AirAsia.

I prayed again: God, I have never ask for any present from you at Christmas, this year, I hope you could let me pass the selection process to become the Cadet Pilot for AirAsia. Please give me, I want this so much. Please....

Christmas passed, saturday, and sunday. I almost hopeless. I back to UMP and prepared myself for the new semester. On monday, after class, I opened my email. I was shocked. It was my happiest moment in my life!!! It was the BIGGEST Christmas gift that I was ever received! I thank God for that and hurry called my parents for the news!!! I can be a PILOT!

" And I will do whatever you ask for in my name, so that the Father's glory will be shown through the son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it. " JOHN 14:13-14

Brothers and sisters, be remember ask anything you want to our God, pray sincerely like what I do, He will have the best way for you and will give you whatever you want, as long as it fulfill the teachings of the bible. Go to church every week, as the God is love you so so much!!!