Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GOOD DAY ! May you have a week experiencing God !! (from Sis Pai Shya)

Dear sisters and brothers,

Hereby , I wish to share a prayer item requested from our sister -- Jacqueline How Pai Xuan, who was studying at Beijing at this moment .. She requested for us to pray for the people in Lhasa... Where there had been severe violence in Lhasa, Tibet; it s between the monks and Chinese authorities .. And it was said that many CHristians were caught too ..

So , let's pray together , although we are far apart ..
But I believe that God had UNITED our hearts
together in Prayers ... ....

Besides that , Kindly pray for sister Jacqueline , as she is studying IN Beijing .. Meantime busy with her Thesis Proposal .. Pray that may God protects her , and bless her with Good health and Wisdom!


Also pray for Brother FUXINg , Sister Amelia, Sister Shu wei , Sister Ker Xin , Brother Li Quan and Brother Choong Hong who study in KL. ( If you wish to sms to encourage anyone of them , pls kindly refer to MYF contact list ) , also Brother SHu Ming and Brother ANdrew who work there in Kl ..

Not forgetting , ALL UMP Students ... Be hardworking !!! hehe .. Have confident as you prepare your assignments and studies !!! JIA YOU !!! JIA YOU !!!! WE , sisters , brothers in CHRIST will always pray for you all , and
Also for sister Violet for her hectic work schedule , and also exams coming soon in June ..
May God guide her through for a balance of
Work , Study , and serving God !

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